Sylvania Propoint LED Cobrahead

The LED Cobrahead luminaires are the new lights in town! Baltimore, Dallas and West Palm have thrown out their old HID lights and switched to LED street lights and basked in energy and maintenance savings. These lights have an average life 70,000 hours, almost 3 times longer, than their HID counterpart. They are designed to improve nighttime visibility and minimize glare.

Let’s say that there are 5 lights per side on a block, that means that each block has 20 lights. If they are on for 10 hours a day every day, at a rate of $0.11 p/kwH, you have an energy savings of about $360 per year! You will save around $15,000 on maintenance and replacement compared to the HID lights This light will eventually pay for itself all while you are helping the environment! Take a look at our collection of LED streetlights here.

Las luminarias LED Cobrahead son las nuevas luces de la ciudad! Baltimore, Dallas y West Palm han votado sus luces viejos HID a la basura, reemplazándolos por LED, resultando así en ahorro de energía y costos por mantenimiento. Estas luces tienen un promedio de vida de 70.000 horas, casi 3 veces más que sus contrapartes HID. Están diseñados para mejorar la visibilidad nocturna y minimizar el deslumbramiento.

Digamos que hay 5 luces por lado en un bloque, lo que significa que cada bloque tiene 20 luces. Si están prendidas 10 horas al día todos los días, a un precio de $ 0,11 p / kWh, usted tiene un ahorro energético de alrededor de $ 360 por año! Usted ahorrará alrededor de $ 15.000 en mantenimiento y reposición en HID. Esta luminaria al final pagará por sí misma y tambien están ayudando al ambiente! Mire nuestra colección de luces de calle LED aquí.

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Kitchen Lighting for the Holidays

Bright and warm kitchen light can set a great atmosphere

The lighting in your kitchen is as important as the holiday lights on your house.

The kitchen is an important place during the holidays. Family members gather together to cook favorite recipes that remind them of past celebrations and to enjoy their time with one another in the present. Grandmothers pass on time-honored recipes while new traditions are created. With moments this important on the horizon, you want to make sure you have the right lighting to see it all by.

Kitchen lighting can seem tricky. Bright lights are needed so that you can have clear sight while chopping food and cleaning spills, but light that is too harsh can ruin the friendly ambiance of a family kitchen. The modern kitchen needs a combination of bright, clean light that looks as friendly as it is on the consumer wallet.

It is for this reason that ADL Supply recommends lighting your kitchen with bulbs from Osram Sylvania’s Ultra LED family. With a variety of lamp styles retrofitted to existing socket specifications, these long-lasting and environmentally friendly bulbs will be a beautiful and practical update to your kitchen lighting setup.

One branch of the Ultra LED family with lots to offer is the BR30 and R20 lamps, which are meant to replace 30W R20 and 65W BR30 incandescent lamps. With a 2700K color temperature, these dimmable LED lights fill your kitchen with clean light that doesn’t feel clinical.

A stylish addition to the Ultra LED collection is the B12 Lamp, which is meant to replace 40W decorative incandescent lamps. With a tapered candle light shape and dimmable to 10%, this lamp is great for sconces, chandeliers, and setting a romantic atmosphere. The dimming feature isn’t hard on the pocketbook either.

Every kitchen has its own lighting needs, so if you have any questions about finding the right lamps for yours, be sure to call or send us an email. We’d be happy to answer your questions. If you would like to check out the LED lamps we have in stock, click here. For some quick kitchen lighting tips, be sure to check out this handy article from DIY Network. Happy holidays!




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