LED Sales Increase as Prices Drop!

2013 has seen an increase in sales of LED lights. More consumers are being persuaded by its long lifespan and energy savings despite the cost upfront. Incandescent light bulbs are slowly phasing out with government regulation, thus allowing for the rise of LED lighting. Technology, along with demand, have allowed for the prices of LED bulbs to drop. ADL Supply offers LED bulbs at a low price and can help you out in figuring out which one to replace your old incandescent bulb with. They also have a wide variety of well trusted brands like Philips, Halco, GE, and Maxlite. So what are you waiting for? Join the band wagon of LED consumers and start saving!

En 2013 hemos visto un aumento en las ventas de las luces LED. Más consumidores están comprando luces LED, a pesar del costo inicial, porque las luces duran más y ahorran más energía. Las lámparas incandescentes están siendo eliminadas gradualmente gracias a regulación gubernamental, permitiendo el aumento de las ventas de iluminación LED. Tecnología, junto con la demanda, han permitido que los precios de los bombillos LED bajen. ADL Supply ofrece bombillos LED a un precio bajo y puede ayudarle a averiguar cómo reemplazar su bombillo incandescente. También tienen una gran variedad de marcas de  como Philips, Halco, GE, y Maxlite. ¿Qué estás esperando? Únete al movimiento de los consumidores de LED y comience a ahorrar!

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Edificio Empire State

El 26 de noviembre 2012 marco historia en la ciudad de Nueva York. El edificio Empire State tuvo su primer espectáculo de luz LED al ritmo de las canciones de Alicia Keys. Este espectáculo fue posible gracias a Philips Color Kinetics. “Philips Color Kinetics transforma los ambientes a través de usos de luces dinámicos e innovadores”. Sus sistemas de iluminación LED, controladores de iluminación y soluciones personalizadas de iluminación son altamente eficientes, duraderos y ecológicos. Si no pudieron estar en la ciudad para disfrutar del evento, pueden ver el video y revivir la magia.

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Empire State Building

November 26, 2012 marked history in New York City. The Empire State Building had its first LED light show to the sounds of Alicia Keys. The light show was made possible thanks to Philips Color Kinetics. “Philips Color Kinetics transforms environments through dynamic and innovative uses of light.” Their LED lighting systems, lighting controllers and custom lighting solutions are highly efficient, long lasting and environmentally friendly. If you weren’t in the City to enjoy the event, you can take a look at the video and relive the magic.

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Philips Healwell Medical Lighting Speeds Up Recovery

Philips introduces its research-based lighting concept designed to aid the recovery process of patients.

It may not be noticeable to some, but hospital lighting and decor can actually be a bit bland and depressing. As patients recovering in a hospital, we probably don’t want to be reminded that we are in a hospital, as that can lead to plenty of negative thoughts and attitudes. This can be hard to do when most hospitals feature the same bright fluorescent lighting and plain white walls and floors.

Philips’ research-backed “Healwell” system hopes to change all of that by bringing in an innovative new lighting system with enough atmospheric and accent lights to bring color back into hospital patients’ lives. The system is a complete lighting rework that also includes overhead LEDlighting designed to look like a skylight, a personal bedside reading light, and nightlights. All of the Healwell lighting systems can be implemented separately and retrofitted to existing hospital rooms.

According to the nine-month period of research conducted by Philips, Healwell proved to be successful in improving patients’ sleep duration and quality, increasing patient moods and decreasing the amount of time required to fall asleep. This was all possible because Healwell is designed to support natural circadian rhythms while mimicking natural daylight cycles. Studies also showed that empowering the patients by allowing them to control the lights and set them to fit their moods resulted in decreased anxiety and depression survey scores.

The system is set to be officially released at the Arab Health 2012 conference in Dubai, taking place from January 23rd to January 26th.

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