January 1 was lights outs for incandescent bulbs

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

It’s official: January 1, 2014 marked the end of the incandescent light bulb. While remaining inventory can still be sold, it is illegal for US companies to manufacture or import 40, 60, 75, or 100 watt incandescent bulbs. This is due to an energy conservation law signed by President Bush in 2007. Some estimate the switch will save more than $40 billion in energy costs by 2030.

You now have three alternatives to incandescent bulbs: more efficient halogen bulbs, LED, and CFL bulbs. Most of the problems noted by consumers in years past have been solved. You can now buy energy efficient CFL bulbs that light immediately and have a pleasant light color. LED bulbs, while more expensive than CFLs, last up to 22 years. The typical incandescent bulb lasts less than 18 months.

This means you can now install LED bulbs in hard to reach spots and not worry about it again for literally years. You can run outside lights for security at nominal cost and maintenance is almost nonexistent. Lighting is the top deterrent to residential crime like burglary so security lighting outside your home can save peace of mind as well as energy.

It may take some time to get used to the ways packaging describes light intensity and color on energy efficient bulbs. No problem. Just tell us where you need light and we will recommend the right bulbs for you.

Only 3 in 10 consumers plan to stockpile incandescent bulbs. Most people will make the transition and barely notice the difference, except that you no longer need to remind the kids to turn out the lights when they leave the room. In terms of cost, you can leave these new bulbs on without burning through money. In fact, your ceiling fans or electric coffee pot use more electricity.

So if your New Year’s Resolution this year was to save energy, you’re in luck. Saving energy is automatic. We’re always happen to enlighten our customers. Give us a call if you want to know more, especially about new LED and halogen incandescent bulbs.

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Get That Spooky Glow Going


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google


In the dark about how to have the spookiest house on the block this Halloween? Well, all it takes is a little imagination and illumination. And we’ll walk you through it

1.     Start with a Jack-O-Lantern, the time-honored grin of all things scary. Now you can buy illuminated pumpkins that last for years. But, we still believe in carving the real thing and adding a battery-operated LED flame; it won’t blow out and it won’t set your house afire.

2.     Replace the bulb in your porch light with a black light party bulb. A 75-watt bulb should be fine. Tonic water will glow blue-white under a black light. Fill a few old bottles and mark them with a scull and crossbones or drop plastic spiders inside. Antifreeze also glows but is poisonous. Mr. Clean and Irish Spring soap glow weird green, so use soap to write on your door.

3.     Give the kids light sticks to go trick or treating. Light sticks look eerie but they are also a good safety provision. A pack of 10 runs around $7 and is well worth the investment. Each stick lasts about 12 hours! Of course, you will also have flashlights and batteries…

4.     Because light sticks are so inexpensive and last so long, you can use them to illuminate the walkway to your door. Easy – just snap them and stick in the ground!

5.     Light stringers are colored LED lights that come in 25-foot strands. You can also buy mini-light spheres. Incandescent rope lights (50 feet long) run about $42. Why not have a scarecrow with lights glowing through his ragged clothes – LED lights make this possible.

6.     Take old milk jugs, draw scary faces on them and fill them with battery operate LED lights.

7.     You can decorate lampshades with cut outs of black cats and lamps and use orange party bulbs.

8.     Paint scary faces on white and orange balloons using magic markers and float them near the ceiling.

9.     Don’t forget the music! The Monster Mash (from 1973), Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982), Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (1973), and the Rock Horror Picture Show soundtrack are all good choices.

10. If you want a very adult Halloween theme, use Edison light bulbs. They are elegant but have an Old World air that is just right for Halloween.

Our Favorite Halloween Light Shows

If you want to be inspired by people who spend all year getting ready for October 31st, here are three of our favorite Halloween Light shows. Do you have a favorite… or send a photo of your own creepy décor.




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Black LIghts And Bug Zappers

Photo Credit: Black light news

Photo Credit: Black light news


Black lights are used for decorative effects, in medicine for diagnostic and healing purposes, for the detection of counterfeit money, for curing resins, and also for detecting fluorescent minerals in rock and fluorescence in blood for crime scenes. Black lights often need special fixtures. A Wood’s lamp is used in science and in forensics.

Black light fluorescent tubes are similar to regular tubes, except that they have a dark blue-purple coating. They are available in a variety of sizes and watts, including the F15T8/BLB which is used in standard fluorescent tube fixtures. If you want to spice up your home for Halloween this October, a few black light tubes will due the trick.

Black light tubes are also used for tanning beds. The ultraviolet light is thought not to damage eyes and skin, although overuse can do both.

Another type of UV fluorescent bulb emits ultraviolet light to attract insects, which are then electrocuted by the device. These bulbs emit visible light along with ultraviolet light, so they do not have a purple filter. They appear bluish-purple to the naked eye because the less visible mercury emission spectrum is block by plain glass. These bulbs are designed as “BL” and are not suitable as a replacement for BLB tubes in BLB-designed fixtures.

The first black light was created in 1904 using Wood’s glass as the container for an incandescent bulb. These are the black lights you often find at party stores. They are very inefficient, burn hot, and have a short life. Mercury vapor black lights also use Wood’s glass, but have very high power ratings up to 1000 watts and are used for theatrical displays and concerts. Both types of Wood’s glass lights are primarily decorative.

A Wood’s lamp is used in dermatology to identify some skin diseases. It was first used in 1925 in dermatology to identify fungal infections, and is still used today to detect fungal and bacterial infections and to diagnose tuberculosis, vitiligo, ethylene glycol poisoning, and erythrasma.

Black light is also used to authenticate bank notes, oil painting and antiques. When you go to a club, you will often be stamped with fluorescent ink, which will identify you as a paying guest under a small Wood’s lamp.

Now that we have shed some light on the subject of black lights, call us to order your decorative lights and bug zapper lights

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Restaurant Lighting and Light Fixtures

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google


There is a recipe for appetizing restaurant lighting, and sometimes it can make or break a restaurant. LED bulbs, which come in a variety of shapes and colors, are an effective way to modulate mood. They are available in large sizes to create a big impact in focal features. Some are waterproof, so you can use them in waterfalls, water walls, and fountains to create the perfect splash. If you have an Italian restaurant, consider using red and green LED lights to make a statement.

Open show kitchens are popular in restaurants, but offer a unique lighting challenge. The kitchen must be a bright, clear-light work environment, which is fine with CFLs, but the food must be delicious looking as it is made and waits under heat lamps to be served, which pose a problem with CFLs. We offer energy-efficient light bulbs in a variety of colors to make your food look as good as it tastes. These include a combination of kitchen and over-the-table lighting to set the right mood in your restaurant. Did you know that people have a bigger appetite when the light is dim? It’s true. So even if you have a bright show kitchen, keep over the table lighting subdued. And put your grill front and center of your show kitchen. Guests like the drama and the orange-red of the flames as your chefs work helps take the chill off bluish CFL bulbs. We offer halogen lights that are ideal for kitchens and cast a clean, bright light with savings of up to 80% on energy costs.

Restaurants with big windows are fabulous during the daytime, when natural lighting (the ideal type of lighting made by Mother Nature herself) floods the space and food prep areas. Many restaurants are not so lucky, particularly those located in the interiors of shopping malls. To mimic the warm of natural sunlight, install large overhead fixtures with alabaster-colored shades and combine with wall scone floods and strategic LED lights. Newer restaurant lighting fixtures include honeycomb modules and chandeliers that use gorgeous LED modules with diffusers. Available in a range of colors. LED modules can create dramatic effects and are useful in restaurant seating areas. GE makes super-mini bulbs for low-watt fixtures that provide richness and accuracy of color. These bulbs retrofit with existing systems and can burn up to 15,000 hours.

Architectural LED power grids are a fast and simple way to install energy-efficient, bright LEDs in a variety of colors. These illuminated grids are up to 64% more efficient than fluorescent, have no lead, mercury, or glass and offer a 50,000 hour lifetime.The interlocking grids can be quickly constructed into backlighting such as behind a cocktail bar or on ceilings for an overall illumination… and they come in a wide variety of colors.

Hungry for more information? Just give us a call and talk to us about your restaurant lighting challenge.

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Lighting Up Fashion With Style

Veronique Cote Sculpture dress

Veronique Cote Sculpture dress


Artist Véronique  Côté used hundreds of LED lights and a wire frame to create “Donkey Skin,” a sculptured dress that reflects her interest in fairytales. While this is art and is not meant to be worn daily, fashion and lighting do mix it up, particularly for evening wear.

UK-based CuteCircuit, a fashion tech company, has launched two lines of ready-to-wear dresses and tops embedded with LED lights. Some, like the “K-dress.” allow you to control the color and pattern of your lights. Enlightened by Janet Hansen offers faux fur coats, scarves, and other types of clothing for both men and women that are festooned with color-changing lights. They also create clothing by special order and spectacular costumes for stars such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Bow Wow.

Illuminated clothing is priced beyond reach for most of us, but you can go clubbing in a fiber optics LumiTop from LumiGram for 189 euros. Or, if you have some sewing skills and plenty of patience, you can embed flexible, neon-colored LED lighting in just about any garment. You can also create your own glowing wire clothes, similar to those worn by the band Daft Punk, using electroluminescent wire, also known as EL wire. Both are available through eBay. Send us pics of your brightest fashion ideas!

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How Lighting Affects Your Mood…


Have you noticed when the sun is shining bright outside you feel happy? Do you notice a change in your mood when it’s gloomy outside? Well that is because lighting can affect your mood. Lighting can make you feel relaxed, agitated, happy or sad at any given time. Research show that when its dark your serotonin levels are at the lowest point, but once the light shines it increases your serotonin levels. Which help to shift your mood…  It’s the same as when you are feeling stressed you go into a room light a candle and just sit and relax.

This is also true for places you visit like a restaurant, which has dim lighting and candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere. Or a spa that has set a tone that is serene and relaxed. Even nightclubs have special lighting that put you in the mood to dance the night away. Lighting can even make your marriage proposal or wedding an unforgettable event! So the next time you feel down head outside and let the light shine….

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Light up your summer nights!

I am one of those people who never need a reason to throw a party. Especially during the summer which comes packed with family birthdays. And nothing says summer like hosting a fabulous party outdoors with the warm breeze and cool drinks it makes for a great time. When the sun goes down, the party can still go on…using lighting and creating an ambiance.That is sure to keep your guest happy. Below are some great DIY lighting ideas that can add elegance to your party while illuminating your backyard.

                                                      Twine Light Strings

Photo Courtesy: Google

Photo: Google

                                               String Lights & Paper Lanterns

Photo Credit: Google

Photo : Google

                                                         Hanging Lanterns

Photo Courtesy: Google

Photo : Google

                                                        Mason Jar Lights

Photo Courtesy: Google

Photo: Google

Let’s host a summer Shindig!








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The Perfect Christmas Tree

Perfect Christmas TreeThe end of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Christmas. It’s time to get your Christmas tree and start decorating! You have your lights in one hand and the ornaments in the other, but where do you go from here? It’s easy! Just follow this guide for the perfect Christmas tree.





Following the proportions given by the image will ensure that your Christmas tree will look well-decorated all around.

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Let there be lights!

The holiday season is quickly coming upon us. Oh the joys of hot chocolate by the fire and fun with snow! Unfortunately we, in South Florida, don’t get those joys. So what do we have to look forward to in order to feel that holiday spirit? The way the entire city changes from regular lighting into Christmas lighting! So because we care about you and want you to enjoy it with us, we have compiled some of the top places to visit in Florida to get into the Christmas spirit.

Santa's Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the world’s largest Christmas theme park and in our own backyard. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary! Located in Tropical Park off of Palmetto Expressway and Bird Road, it is home to South Florida’s tallest Christmas tree. You can enjoy hundreds of themed displays as well as carnival food and rides there. If you find yourself in South Florida anytime during the season, make sure you check them out.

Christmastown, A Busch Gardens Celebration

Christmastown, A Busch Gardens Celebration


If you are in the Tampa area, you can enjoy Christmastown, A Busch Garden Celebration. The popular Busch Gardens has premiered Christmastown this holiday season. The park will be transformed into a wonderland of wintery surprises. You will find holiday shopping, live entertainment and many, many Christmas lights to get you into the spirit. Guests will still be able to enjoy some of the roller coasters that the park is known for along with two new holiday attractions.

Universal Orlando Macy's Day Parade

Universal Orlando Macy’s Day Parade

What is the holiday season without the Macy’s Holiday day parade? Though we are far from New York, Universal Studios Florida, located in Orlando, wants to share that experience with you! As the night comes you can enjoy the tree lighting and light display! Mannheim Steamroller, the biggest Christmas selling artist, will also be there and will perform every weekend in December. You can enjoy all of the Universal attractions along with holiday shows.

Jacksonville Boat Parade

Jacksonville Boat Parade

What’s better than a parade on land? How about one on the water? The Jacksonville Landing will be home to a boat light parade in which thousands of boats will be decked out in their holiday gear as they float on by on the St. Johns River. The parade will end with a spectacular fireworks show. This will take place on November 24th and best of all, free admission!

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Holiday Light Displays Worth Traveling For

Wherever you find yourself this holiday season, stop and enjoy a holiday light display. Make it a family tradition. Here are big and smaller ones in cities and towns around the country. Let us know if you have a favorite you’d like us to add by posting a comment below. Be sure to include the name of the town, state and a link to the light display’s site if there is one. We’ll make sure to include it in next year’s listings.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Rio Grande Botanic Garden hosts New Mexico’s largest walk-through holiday light show, “The River of Lights” featuring giant sculptures of plants, animals and seasonal themes created by hundreds of thousands of lights. Visit between November 26 and December 30 (closed on December 24 and 25).

ANNAPOLIS, MD – “Lights on the Bay” is a drive-through holiday light show at Sandy Point State Park along Chesapeake Bay, where there are stationery and animated displays. Visit between November 19 and January 1.

ATHENS, OHIO where you can hike through the forest to view 100,000 plus lights at “Holiday Trail of Lights” in Lake Hope State Park in southeast Ohio. Visit from December 1 to 31.

AUSTIN, TX – Zilker Park’s “Trail of Lights,” a mile long stretch with seasonal scenes composed of multi-colored twinkling lights, will be on display from December 9-18. Additionally, there is an annual “Armadillo Christmas Bazaar” featuring work by artists and artisans plus musical performances from December 14-24.

BOSTON, MA features the largest Christmas Tree in New England, and the 70th annual lighting ceremony will take place on December 1. Take aFreedom Trail Holiday Strollwith a costumed guide and end your tour with hot chocolate or tea with Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House Hotel. This tour is offered at 3:30pm, Thursday to Sunday from November 18 to January 31.

BRANSON, MO –Silver Dollar City celebrates “Old Time Christmas” with a 5-story special effects Christmas Tree from November 5 to December 30.

BROOKLYN, NY twinkles with the “Lights of Dyker Heights,” a neighborhood (between 83d and 86th streets from 11th to 13th Avenue between Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst) that attracts 100,000 visitors to view amazing decorations.

CHARLESTON, SC celebrates the “Holiday Festival of Lights” in James Island County Park where you will drive (or take a train ride) three miles through over two million lights and hundreds of displays. Visit from November 10 to January 1.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte Motor Speedway is excited to bring the holidays to life this winter season with the return of “Carolina Christmas,” a spectacular drive-through Christmas light park and village located at the legendary superspeedway. Featuring more than 600 light displays boasting 3 million lights, the event also offers a Christmas Village with a realistic Bethlehem-themed village, a Festival of Trees, photos with Santa and areas with food and music. This year, the route of twinkling lights is extended, giving visitors extra miles of Christmas cheer! Come experience it from November 23 to December 31.

CHATANOOGA, TN – Rock City Garden’s “Enchanted Garden of Lights” celebrates its 17th year with more than 30 holiday scenes and over a million lights. Visit from November 18 to December 31 (closed Christmas eve).

CHICAGO, IL boasts “The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival” with a Mickey Mouse Parade on November 19, and more than one million lights along Michigan Avenue. The Museum of Science and Industry illuminates “Christmas Around the World” and “Holidays of Light” with more than 50 trees and displays to reflect worldwide holiday traditions from November 17 to January 8. “Christkindlmarket,” a German-American Holiday Market is celebrating its 16th year in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago from November 23 to December 24.

CLEVELAND, OH – Head to Nela Park, home of GE’s Lighting Division in East Cleveland to see thousands of lights illuminate buildings along Noble Road. Visit between early December and New Years Day.

FRISCO, TX – More than 150,000 lights sparkle and shine as visitors walk or drive through “Christmas in the Square.” This is the largest holiday lights and music show in North Texas, and includes hot air balloons, a trackless train, visits with Santa and a Christmas marketplace. Visit from November 25 through the first weekend in January.

GALVESTON ISLAND, TX – The largest holiday lighting festival on the Gulf Coast, “Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens” features a mile-long trail of more than 100 lighted holiday scenes, shows, visits from Santa and a “Snow Zone” for kids from November 12 to January 1.

GATLINBURG, TN is where the 22nd annual “Winter Magic” light displays will feature animals indigenous to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Visit from November 9 to February 28.

GREENSBORO, NC – Head to the Sunset Hill neighborhood to see hundreds of Lighted Christmas Balls, made by the community, that float through the trees. Those touring are invited to bring non-perishable food items to donate – last year over 4,000 lbs. of food was collected.

HALLANDALE, FL’s Village at Gulfstream Park will present “Symphony in Lights,” a spectacular dancing light display choreographed to the holiday music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The event features more than 250,000 lights affixed to buildings and three trees that are choreographed to strobe, twinkle, fade, sparkle and burst by renowned light artist Carson Williams. It also requires 2,000 watts of sound, 47,000 feet of cable and 2 tons of holiday décor! Come see the second annual presentation from November 12 through December 31.

HERSHEY, PA lights up with two million twinkling lights. The centerpiece isHersheypark’s “Christmas Candylane” through which the park is transformed with rides, Hershey characters, Santa and reindeer. Hershey’s “Sweet Lights” is a 2.3 mile drive-thru spectacle with animated, illuminated displays. Visit from November 18 to December 31.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN celebrates the“Circle of Lights” for the 49th year with 26 gigantic toy soldiers and sailors, 26 giant peppermint sticks and thousands of lights in the trees. The opening ceremony is November 25, and it runs through early January. Many Indianapolis attractions are offeringfree admission on one of the 12 days leading to Christmas.

KANSAS CITY, MO – The “Season of Lights” at Country Club Plaza is an 82-year tradition with 80 miles of lights decorating 15 blocks of the city featuring 150 shops and restaurants. The Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Hallmark’s Crown Center, meanwhile, is 100 feet – taller than those on display at the White House and Rockefeller Center. The lighting ceremony will take place on November 25.

MARSHALL, TX welcomes families to the 25th annual “Wonderland of Lights.” Featuring more than a million lights in hundreds of displays in the historic town square, the festival also features outdoor ice skating and other family-oriented activities from November 23 through January 1.

MILWAUKEE, WI – The “Holiday Lights Festival” includes 500,000 lights, 360 wreaths, 35 animated sculptures and 17 Movavian Stars along Wisconsin Avenue. Visit from Thanksgiving to January 13. During December, check out “Candy Cane Lane,” a stretch of four blocks just north of Oklahoma Avenue in West Allis, one of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods.

McADENVILLE, NC – Visit the town of McAdenville, where virtually every home is decorated, is famous throughout the state for its holiday lights between December 1 and December 26.

MYSTIC, CT – “Christmas by the Sea” at Mystic Seaport is where you can stroll through the decorated 19th century village, sing sea chanteys, and hear stories of holidays told aboard historic vessels. You can also print a Christmas Card or souvenir toy and build a creation at a Gingerbread Workshop. Visit from November 26 to January 2.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - “Celebration in the Oaks” takes place in City Park and has a walking tour with millions of lights throughout the Botanical Garden, Storyland, a children’s theme park and nightly musical entertainment. Opening November 25 (weekends only in November), then nightly from December 2 to January 1 – closed December 24 and 31.

NEWPORT NEWS, VA — Set in Newport News Regional Park, the award-winning Celebration in Lights is Virginia’s first and longest-running drive-through light event.  This spectacular two-mile drive illuminates the beauty of the park’s forests, fields and ponds with over 750,000 lights and 200 displays, including the animated “Winter Wonderland” and “Santa’s Enchanted Kingdom.”  Multi-colored snowflakes, leaping reindeer, whimsical toys and more provide a kaleidoscope of dazzling color.  Admission fee $10 for cars, $60 for buses.

NEW YORK, NY has not only got the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree(Lighting Ceremony is on November 30) but, at 32 feet tall, the world’s largest menorah at Grand Army Plaza (5th Avenue and 59th Street) (lit every night from December 20-27), and the New York Botanical Garden’s“Holiday Train Show”with miniatures of NYC landmarks made entirely out of plants, and more from November 19 to January 16.

NIAGARA FALLS – where the Canadian side has a drive-through “Festival of Lights ” with 3 million tree and ground lights featuring 125 animated displays. Visit from November 5 to January 31.

OCEAN CITY, MD – “Winterfest of Lights” in Northside Park with a mile-long path of illuminated displays, Santa, caroling and more. Visit from November 17 to January 1.

OCEANSIDE, CA – Oceanside Harbor is one of the best spots to view the “Parade of Lights” – decorated fishing boats, sail boats, yachts, kayaks and dingys, all lit up for a spectacular procession on December 10 from 6-9pm. Holiday shopping just got easier. Visit the Holiday Sunset Market every Thursday evening in December from 5-9pm where you’ll find amazing gifts, and enjoy carolers, pony rides, face painters, and more.

ORLANDO, FL – Orlando has got it all – glittering trees, fireworks and more from Disney World at “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party”(on select nights between November 8 and December 18); Epcot’s “Holidays Around the World” with celebrity narrators and a candlelight processional (from November 25 to December 30); to Sea World’s”Christmas Celebration” (from November 25 to December 31), and Macy’s Holiday Parade and “Grinchmas” at Universal Studios (from December 3 to January 1.)

PALM DESERT, CA whereLiving Desert, a 450 acre museum, zoo and botanical garden presents the “WildLights Festival” featuring thousand of lights that turns the desert into an after dark wonderland. Come for games, rides and other activities, and a train ride through the display. Presented on select evenings between November 23 and December 31.

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC where Brook Green Gardens “Nights of a Thousand Candles” features 5,500 candles illuminating garden paths, festive holiday lights, handbell ringers and carolers on December 2-3, 9-10 and 15-17.

PIGEON FORGE, TN puts up more than five million holiday lights in gigantic displays during “Winterfest”which you can enjoy from the comfort of your heated Pigeon Forge Trolley from November 8 to February 26. Additionally, the Dollywood theme park adds another four million lights to illuminate the park and special entertainment during its Smoky Mountain Christmasincluding Dollywood Christmas on Ice from November 5 to December 30.

PINE MOUNTAIN, GA southwest of Atlanta is where, for the 20th season,Callaway Gardens Resort will present 8 million lights stretching more than five miles from November 18 to December 30.

PORTSMOUTH, NH hosts“Vintage Christmas” with sparking lights and a festival of strolls and shows on December 3-4, 8-11 and 17-18. A free Vintage Christmas Trolley shuttles patrons around the historic seaport. VisitStrawbery Banke Museum, a living history museum celebrating holiday traditions from around the world and join a Candlelight Stroll (December 3-4, 10-11 and 17-18), where you can experience the sights, sounds and smell of a traditional New England Christmas.

RICHMOND, VA- “Tacky Light Tour” is a local tradition where people dive, or even rent buses or limos to take the tour.

RIVERSIDE, CA is home to the 19th annual “Festival of Lights” at the historicMission Inn Hotel and Spa. Free and open to the public, it features 3.6 million lights, more than 400 animated figures, horse-drawn carriage rides, Santa and reindeer sightings plus entertainment. The event runs from November 25 through January 8.

SAN ANTONIO, TX where 1.8 million lights sparkle along the San Antonio River Walk from November 25 to January 1.

SAN DIEGO, CA boasts “Garden of Lights” in San Diego’s Botanic Gardenwith over 100,000 lights illuminating all of the displays (from December 8-30) and the “Holiday of Lights” at the Del Mar Fairgrounds north of San Diego with more than 400 family-oriented light displays (from November 24 to January 1).Legoland also touts an annual “Holiday Block Party” with a 30-foot tall Christmas tree constructed of 245,000 green Legos displaying Lego ornaments, Lego Santa and reindeer, lights and holiday music throughout the park from November 25 to December 24.

SARASOTA, FL – For eight days, the historic Crosley Estate will be transformed into a glittering holiday wonderland to celebrate the 15th Annual “Festival of Trees,” showcasing dozens of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, wreaths, and displays by the area’s top designers and decorators. The festival also features rare exhibits of antique Crosley automobiles, Crosley radios, a gingerbread house contest, tours of the historic Carriage House, and a vintage model train. Visit from November 30, 2011 thru December 7, 2011

SEDONA, AZ is celebrating the 21st anniversary of its “Red Rock Fantasy” light show with over two dozen displays and a million lights from November 17 to December 21.

SPRINGFIELD, MA – hosts the 16th annual presentation of “Bright Nights,” New England’s premier holiday lighting exhibit. This 3-mile long driving route through historic Forest Park is filled with exhibits and displays such as Seuss Land (Dr. Seuss was from Springfield), North Pole Village and Jurassic World created with holiday lights. The event will run from November 23 through January 1.

STANWOOD, WA is hosting “The Lights of Christmas,” held annually at Warm Beach Camp. The grandest holiday event in the Pacific Northwest, it offers displays of more than one dazzling million lights, a life-size nativity scene, five entertainment stages (music ranges from Victorian caroling to country and bluegrass), pony rides, Polar Express train rides, Santa Claus, Bruce the Talking Spruce, Joyland Toy Shop, a petting farm, holiday gifts and crafts, plus affordable food and snacks for the family. The festival will run on December 1-4, 8-11, 15-23 and 26-28.

ST. PAUL, MN – IBEW presents “Holiday Lights in the Park” with more than 50 huge holiday light sculptures and animated displays in Phalen Park from November 22 to January 1.

SYRACUSE, NY where “Lights on the Lake” is celebrating 22 years of two-mile long drive through one of the largest and colorful light shows in the Northeast. Visit between November 17 and January 8 , except on New Years Eve.

THOMASVILLE, GA is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its “Victorian Christmas” with 22,500 twinkling lights, and and army of nutcrackers, Victorian garbed carolers, horse-drawn carriages, performances, a specially-made huge red velvet chair for St. Nick and more. The festival, which will bring snow to southwest Georgia, will be held on December 8 and 9. Additionally, from November 25 through December 31, Flower Foods’ presents its annual “Christmas in Lights” on the company’s grounds. Features include a Victorian village, an animated train and thousands of lights and holiday music.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA is one of six Virginia cities featuring “100 Miles of Lights” with displays from its capital city to the ocean, including Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach, from November 24 to January 1. “McDonalds’s Holiday Lights at the Beach” along Virginia Beach’s Ocean Front Boardwalk include a 40-foot tall tree on the beach and for over 30 blocks, people can drive or walk to see the “Fanta-Sea” of Lights from November 18 to January 1.

WASHINGTON, DC is where you can see the National Christmas Tree(lighting ceremony is on December 1), and lightshow “Pathway of Peace” on the Ellipse at dusk through January 1.  The National Menorah celebrates the First Night’s lighting on December 20. “Zoolights” at the National Zoo is where the fun begins with thousands of eco-friendly lights, activities, musical performances, rides on Thomas the Train, and ice-skating weekends November 25 to December 11, and nightly December 16 to January 1 (except Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve).  Experience a historic Christmas at Mt. Vernon with a candlelight tour and caroling on selected evenings from November 25 to December 18.

WILLIAMS, AZ is where the Grand Canyon Railway takes families on the “Polar Express” for a night time trip from Williams to the “North Pole,” a Christmas village where Santa and his reindeer welcome visitors.

WILMINGTON, NC hosts the “Island of Lights Festival,” where families can walk one mile around the lake to view lighted displays, drink free cocoa and maybe hobnob with Santa from November 25 to December 31.

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