How Lighting Affects Your Mood…


Have you noticed when the sun is shining bright outside you feel happy? Do you notice a change in your mood when it’s gloomy outside? Well that is because lighting can affect your mood. Lighting can make you feel relaxed, agitated, happy or sad at any given time. Research show that when its dark your serotonin levels are at the lowest point, but once the light shines it increases your serotonin levels. Which help to shift your mood…  It’s the same as when you are feeling stressed you go into a room light a candle and just sit and relax.

This is also true for places you visit like a restaurant, which has dim lighting and candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere. Or a spa that has set a tone that is serene and relaxed. Even nightclubs have special lighting that put you in the mood to dance the night away. Lighting can even make your marriage proposal or wedding an unforgettable event! So the next time you feel down head outside and let the light shine….

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Halco Antique Series

Halco Light BulbHalco’s carbon filament lamps offer a long life of 3,000 hours and come in a variety of shapes including A21,
C11, G30, G40, ST18 and T14 that can give almost any environment a one-of-a-kind antique appearance. The
ST18 and A21 lamps have a defined steeple to replicate the original glass construction. This series features an
intricate hand-strung filament and warm amber glow perfect for hospitality, accent, chandelier and historic
reproduction applications.

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