Lighting Up Fashion With Style

Veronique Cote Sculpture dress

Veronique Cote Sculpture dress


Artist Véronique  Côté used hundreds of LED lights and a wire frame to create “Donkey Skin,” a sculptured dress that reflects her interest in fairytales. While this is art and is not meant to be worn daily, fashion and lighting do mix it up, particularly for evening wear.

UK-based CuteCircuit, a fashion tech company, has launched two lines of ready-to-wear dresses and tops embedded with LED lights. Some, like the “K-dress.” allow you to control the color and pattern of your lights. Enlightened by Janet Hansen offers faux fur coats, scarves, and other types of clothing for both men and women that are festooned with color-changing lights. They also create clothing by special order and spectacular costumes for stars such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Bow Wow.

Illuminated clothing is priced beyond reach for most of us, but you can go clubbing in a fiber optics LumiTop from LumiGram for 189 euros. Or, if you have some sewing skills and plenty of patience, you can embed flexible, neon-colored LED lighting in just about any garment. You can also create your own glowing wire clothes, similar to those worn by the band Daft Punk, using electroluminescent wire, also known as EL wire. Both are available through eBay. Send us pics of your brightest fashion ideas!

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How Lighting Affects Your Mood…


Have you noticed when the sun is shining bright outside you feel happy? Do you notice a change in your mood when it’s gloomy outside? Well that is because lighting can affect your mood. Lighting can make you feel relaxed, agitated, happy or sad at any given time. Research show that when its dark your serotonin levels are at the lowest point, but once the light shines it increases your serotonin levels. Which help to shift your mood…  It’s the same as when you are feeling stressed you go into a room light a candle and just sit and relax.

This is also true for places you visit like a restaurant, which has dim lighting and candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere. Or a spa that has set a tone that is serene and relaxed. Even nightclubs have special lighting that put you in the mood to dance the night away. Lighting can even make your marriage proposal or wedding an unforgettable event! So the next time you feel down head outside and let the light shine….

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Lights Help Prevent Bird Strikes

Aircraft lights make it easier for birds to see and avoid aircraft, possibly helping to reduce the risk of bird strikes, according to a report recently published in the Journal of Applied Ecology. Scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Indiana State University and Purdue University tested the response of Canada geese to three remote-controlled aircraft — one with lights off, one with lights on, and one painted to resemble a bird of prey. They found geese responded more quickly to avoid the aircraft with its lights on. The research “could set the aviation industry on the right track to developing lighting systems that will reduce the rate of bird strikes,” the report said.

Currently, most efforts to control bird strikes focus on removing birds from the airport environment, according to the report. However, many encounters between airplanes and birds — including the most famous, US Airways Flight 1549, which ditched in the Hudson River after bird strikes killed both engines — occur far beyond the airport perimeter. The researchers hope to expand their study to other species besides Canada geese, so they can design aircraft lighting that will be seen by a wide range of birds. “This is only the first step,” said Bradley Blackwell, of the USDA National Wildlife Research Center. “As well as lighting, we also want to understand how to manipulate aircraft paint schemes so that birds find them easier to detect.”

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