January 1 was lights outs for incandescent bulbs

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

It’s official: January 1, 2014 marked the end of the incandescent light bulb. While remaining inventory can still be sold, it is illegal for US companies to manufacture or import 40, 60, 75, or 100 watt incandescent bulbs. This is due to an energy conservation law signed by President Bush in 2007. Some estimate the switch will save more than $40 billion in energy costs by 2030.

You now have three alternatives to incandescent bulbs: more efficient halogen bulbs, LED, and CFL bulbs. Most of the problems noted by consumers in years past have been solved. You can now buy energy efficient CFL bulbs that light immediately and have a pleasant light color. LED bulbs, while more expensive than CFLs, last up to 22 years. The typical incandescent bulb lasts less than 18 months.

This means you can now install LED bulbs in hard to reach spots and not worry about it again for literally years. You can run outside lights for security at nominal cost and maintenance is almost nonexistent. Lighting is the top deterrent to residential crime like burglary so security lighting outside your home can save peace of mind as well as energy.

It may take some time to get used to the ways packaging describes light intensity and color on energy efficient bulbs. No problem. Just tell us where you need light and we will recommend the right bulbs for you.

Only 3 in 10 consumers plan to stockpile incandescent bulbs. Most people will make the transition and barely notice the difference, except that you no longer need to remind the kids to turn out the lights when they leave the room. In terms of cost, you can leave these new bulbs on without burning through money. In fact, your ceiling fans or electric coffee pot use more electricity.

So if your New Year’s Resolution this year was to save energy, you’re in luck. Saving energy is automatic. We’re always happen to enlighten our customers. Give us a call if you want to know more, especially about new LED and halogen incandescent bulbs.

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Getting Ready For 2014: Understanding Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Federal legislation such as the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) requiring the phase-out of incandescent bulbs by 2014 has made lighting a confusing topic for consumers. Now, consumers are faced with understanding lingo like wattage, lumens, and voltage in order to buy light bulbs. The issue becomes even more complex when talking about specialized light bulbs for healthcare equipment, aquariums, electronics and appliances, and cars and trucks.

Consumer Household Bulbs

Projectors and televisions, electronics with displays, cameras, laptops, cell phones, toys, and vintage electronic devices… they all use light bulbs in one form or another. Trying to find an energy-efficient light bulb for your refrigerator or your microwave may not be as easy as walking into your neighborhood hardware store. Further, as manufacturers have rushed to supply appropriate lighting, there have been recalls, such as one in May 2013 affecting LED light bulbs produced by Lighting Science Group. We can supply your household light bulb needs, including full-spectrum CFL, LED, and halogen bulbs. We can also supply specialized bulbs for your home appliances, including your refrigerator!

Commercial Bulbs

The legislative mandate will have a huge impact upon businesses and industrial facilities, which face swapping out their incandescent bulbs. We assist businesses of all sizes with this. Just give us a call and we’ll tell you the most economical way to comply with legislation while reducing upfront lighting costs.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs produce more light and have a longer life than incandescent bulbs. They use very small amounts of mercury, so they should not be thrown out in your regular trash. Earth 911 is a clearinghouse of information for where to dispose of CFL bulbs if your local government does not have a special disposal or recycling option. CFL bulbs come in many shapes besides the familiar spiral, including plug-in bases, circles and tubes, and chandelier and globe screw-in light bulbs. Use a “dark sky” CFL to keep light from spreading into areas such as a neighbor’s yard.  Reflectors have a built-in reflective surface that helps CFL bulbs to throw off more light, which can assist In providing security. CFL bulbs are less likely than incandescent to break and you can also buy special CFL for exterior use that are shatter-resistant.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are relatively inexpensive, but generate a lot of heat. Care needs to be used when replacing them and they can react to other substances. They emit a bright white life and have  a long lifespan. Halogen bulbs use a halogen gas, a poisonous chemical, with a tungsten filament. Because they are fragile, they are not recommended for homes with small children except in difficult-to-reach fixtures.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are light emitting diodes – a small electronic device that lights when electricity is passed through it. These can be designed as very small bulbs for use in electronics displays. They can be expensive, which is offset by their long life. They generate more heat than halogen and xenon bulbs, but less than CFL bulbs. They have an intense, focused light that is ideal for task lighting, not ambient lighting. They are also used, like halogen and xenon bulbs, is specialty auto lighting.

Xenon Bulbs

Xenon light bulbs are often used in specialty auto headlights and in exterior path lighting. They are usually low voltage and can be touched with your bare hand, unlike halogen lights. Xenon bulbs emit a clean white light and may be used in high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Festoon xenon light bulbs can be used in either task lighting or for indirect lighting under cabinets and shelves.  When using them in a store with glass or jewelry, choose a clear festoon bulb. Otherwise, frosted bulbs have a wide range of applications.  Xenon is more efficient than halogen, uses less energy, and has a longer life.

Any questions? Call us and we’ll shed more light on the different alternative to incandescent light bulbs as we enter 2014.

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Get That Spooky Glow Going


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google


In the dark about how to have the spookiest house on the block this Halloween? Well, all it takes is a little imagination and illumination. And we’ll walk you through it

1.     Start with a Jack-O-Lantern, the time-honored grin of all things scary. Now you can buy illuminated pumpkins that last for years. But, we still believe in carving the real thing and adding a battery-operated LED flame; it won’t blow out and it won’t set your house afire.

2.     Replace the bulb in your porch light with a black light party bulb. A 75-watt bulb should be fine. Tonic water will glow blue-white under a black light. Fill a few old bottles and mark them with a scull and crossbones or drop plastic spiders inside. Antifreeze also glows but is poisonous. Mr. Clean and Irish Spring soap glow weird green, so use soap to write on your door.

3.     Give the kids light sticks to go trick or treating. Light sticks look eerie but they are also a good safety provision. A pack of 10 runs around $7 and is well worth the investment. Each stick lasts about 12 hours! Of course, you will also have flashlights and batteries…

4.     Because light sticks are so inexpensive and last so long, you can use them to illuminate the walkway to your door. Easy – just snap them and stick in the ground!

5.     Light stringers are colored LED lights that come in 25-foot strands. You can also buy mini-light spheres. Incandescent rope lights (50 feet long) run about $42. Why not have a scarecrow with lights glowing through his ragged clothes – LED lights make this possible.

6.     Take old milk jugs, draw scary faces on them and fill them with battery operate LED lights.

7.     You can decorate lampshades with cut outs of black cats and lamps and use orange party bulbs.

8.     Paint scary faces on white and orange balloons using magic markers and float them near the ceiling.

9.     Don’t forget the music! The Monster Mash (from 1973), Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982), Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (1973), and the Rock Horror Picture Show soundtrack are all good choices.

10. If you want a very adult Halloween theme, use Edison light bulbs. They are elegant but have an Old World air that is just right for Halloween.

Our Favorite Halloween Light Shows

If you want to be inspired by people who spend all year getting ready for October 31st, here are three of our favorite Halloween Light shows. Do you have a favorite… or send a photo of your own creepy décor.




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How To Light Hotel Rooms… To Brighten Guest Satisfaction


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Hotels know the cost savings provided by replacing inefficient incandescent lighting with compact-fluorescent bulbs. But guest complaints are common because CFLs can have an unpleasant light quality. They also have a short lag before they reach full brightness, which guests dislike when walking into an unfamiliar space, including a hotel room. To keep guests happy requires a little extra care when choosing CFLs and CFL fixtures, but it can mean saving money with risking guest satisfaction.

Bathrooms and Entries: Always choose a CFL that warms up to full brightness in 30 seconds or less. Some CFL bulbs take longer than others to warm up, but there are newer brands that have instant-on technology. This is especially important for the entry light when a guest first flicks on the light when entering the hotel room, and in hotel bathrooms were light is a safety issue.

Size and Shape: Big, bulky spiral CFLs look cheap in an upscale hotel environment. Choose the smaller, compact size CFL bulbs for hotel room fixtures and lamps. If a bulb is readily visible, such as in a bedside lamp, there are CFL bulbs designed to resemble incandescent bulbs that give a much better impression. You can also get CFLs to fit and look good in chandeliers, ceiling fans, and wall-mounted swing lamps. There is no reason to make guests think “cheap!” every time they switch on a light, when we offer energy-saving bulbs for every possible need.

Dimmable and 3-Way Fixtures: Guests usually want and expect these fixtures in their hotel room. For maximum guest comfort, include a dimmable general purpose light, such as a ceiling light, and at least one 3-way table lamp near a reading chair or bedside. Only CFLs that are specifically designated as dimmable will work in a dimmable light fixture. Other CFLs will flicker and burn out if used with a dimmer switch. Likewise, 3-way CFLs are required for 3-way fixtures. Standard CFLs will not turn on until the third click of the lamp switch, which is an annoying guest experience and makes them think maintenance is not doing a good job of keeping the room fresh and in good working order.

Color Temperature: The color that CFLs emit can be unpleasant, even glaring. Choose bulbs in the 2700-3000K color temperature range, especially in bathrooms and near hotel room mirrors. The light color is similar to incandescent bulbs and will not make your guests look washed out and unhealthy when they look in the mirror as they brush their teeth.

Colored Lampshades: While not strictly part of your bulb choice, the lampshade has a big influence on light color. Trying using lampshades in pink-beige tones for a warmer, more flattering tone. Your guests won’t know why, but the illumination will be more pleasant and cast a more hospitable glow.

LEDs – LED bulbs come in the same sizes and shapes as incandescent bulbs, can last over 22 years if burned 3 hours a day, and offer a multi-directional light output with clean, bright 3,000K color. With no mercury and great energy savings of 77% compared to incandescent, LED bulbs are the perfect one-to-one replacement bulb for just about any hotel room fixture.

LED Strip lights are another way to add light and a design to a hotel guest room. By adding these strip lights to the top of a headboard you add extra lighting and ambience not to mention they are easy to hide.

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August 22nd is Angel Day…So Shine Like One!


Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google


August 22nd is Be An Angel Day. It was first celebrated in 1993, but the idea behind it is timeless: do something nice for someone else, and recognize the nice people in your life. And while good deeds will light up your life, angel lamps add a dash of cherubic sweetness to a dark corner.

You can find a dozen celestial variations on Angel Lamps at KamensFineThings.com, for around $40 apiece plus shipping. For a little girl’s bedroom a Renaissance angel glows in bas-relief when lighted, $25 from Freewebs.com/BeckysGifts or Ferrisville.com. Or choose a resin pair of cherubs in a pink lamp with fringed shade, from Collectible-Glass.com for $25. EBay and Etsy, of course, have tons of retro angel lamps from a nicer era.

Now, if your tastes are less sweet, angels do come in all guises, including the very sleek Artemide Cosmic Angel Suspension light, created by super-minimalist designer Ross Lovegrove. Or flank your sofa with a pair of Angel Wing lamps in antique white or gold leaf by Regina Andrew Design, at around $700. Class will cost you, but it isn’t easy to make angels chic.

Sadly, the entire Angel’s Touch Collection of plastic “Tiffany-Style” lamps is anything but angelic. It was recalled in July 2013 due to shock and fire hazards. They were sold exclusively by Cracker Barrel, so it shouldn’t be hard to know if you have one.

Where angels really shine is on the road, with aftermarket Halo Headlights and Angel Eyes for your vehicle. Projector, LED, Euro, and Dual Halo Projector headlights increase nighttime visibility but mostly they make your vehicle look stunningly exotic. Halo Headlights start around $100 and blaze at more than $500, uninstalled. Car enthusiasts love to argue about the best ways to pimp their rides, so you’ll have to do some research on what will work with you. The simplest and cheapest way to go (and glow) is with LED angel Eye Headlight Accents, for around $10.

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Lighting Up Fashion With Style

Veronique Cote Sculpture dress

Veronique Cote Sculpture dress


Artist Véronique  Côté used hundreds of LED lights and a wire frame to create “Donkey Skin,” a sculptured dress that reflects her interest in fairytales. While this is art and is not meant to be worn daily, fashion and lighting do mix it up, particularly for evening wear.

UK-based CuteCircuit, a fashion tech company, has launched two lines of ready-to-wear dresses and tops embedded with LED lights. Some, like the “K-dress.” allow you to control the color and pattern of your lights. Enlightened by Janet Hansen offers faux fur coats, scarves, and other types of clothing for both men and women that are festooned with color-changing lights. They also create clothing by special order and spectacular costumes for stars such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Bow Wow.

Illuminated clothing is priced beyond reach for most of us, but you can go clubbing in a fiber optics LumiTop from LumiGram for 189 euros. Or, if you have some sewing skills and plenty of patience, you can embed flexible, neon-colored LED lighting in just about any garment. You can also create your own glowing wire clothes, similar to those worn by the band Daft Punk, using electroluminescent wire, also known as EL wire. Both are available through eBay. Send us pics of your brightest fashion ideas!

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Why LEDs Are Better

HALCO__37117.1334854362.750.750What’s all the LED hype about? We’ll tell you here. LED (light emitting diodes) have been around for a while but are finally becoming mainstream as incandescent bulbs are phasing out thanks to government regulation. Here is why LEDs are better in the long run.






  1. They pay for themselves: With the amount of savings you will get from using less energy, you will have paid off the initial cost of the bulb.
  2. They last longer: They have been said to last up to 60 times longer than incandescent & 10 times longer than CFLs.
  3. They save energy: LEDs can produce light without producing heat, therefore saving you energy costs.
  4. They are safer: Since they do not produce heat they are less likely to cause fires than halogen bulbs.
  5. They help the environment: 25% of energy goes into lighting, if we can reduce the amount of energy used for it we can create a better future for upcoming generations.


De qué se trata el nuevo fenómeno de LED? Les diremos aquí. Las luces LED ya han estado en el mercado por unos años, pero recientemente se están convirtiendo en los bombillos principales gracias a la nueva regulación gubernamental que está eliminando los bombillos incandescentes. Leía aquí para ver por qué los LED son mejores en el largo plazo.

  1. Se pagan por sí solas: Con la cantidad de ahorros que obtendrá de usar menos energía, habrá recuperado el costo inicial del bombillo.
  2. Duran más: Duran hasta 60 veces más que las incandescentes y 10 veces más que las lámparas fluorescentes compactas.
  3. Ahorran energía: LED puede producir luz sin producir calor, por lo que le ahorra costos de energía.
  4. Son más seguros: Ya que no producen calor, tienen menos probabilidades de provocar incendios que los bombillos halógenos.
  5. Ayudan al medio ambiente: El 25% de la energía es de iluminación, si podemos reducir la cantidad de energía que se utiliza para eso podemos crear un futuro mejor para las generaciones futuras.
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LED Sales Increase as Prices Drop!

2013 has seen an increase in sales of LED lights. More consumers are being persuaded by its long lifespan and energy savings despite the cost upfront. Incandescent light bulbs are slowly phasing out with government regulation, thus allowing for the rise of LED lighting. Technology, along with demand, have allowed for the prices of LED bulbs to drop. ADL Supply offers LED bulbs at a low price and can help you out in figuring out which one to replace your old incandescent bulb with. They also have a wide variety of well trusted brands like Philips, Halco, GE, and Maxlite. So what are you waiting for? Join the band wagon of LED consumers and start saving!

En 2013 hemos visto un aumento en las ventas de las luces LED. Más consumidores están comprando luces LED, a pesar del costo inicial, porque las luces duran más y ahorran más energía. Las lámparas incandescentes están siendo eliminadas gradualmente gracias a regulación gubernamental, permitiendo el aumento de las ventas de iluminación LED. Tecnología, junto con la demanda, han permitido que los precios de los bombillos LED bajen. ADL Supply ofrece bombillos LED a un precio bajo y puede ayudarle a averiguar cómo reemplazar su bombillo incandescente. También tienen una gran variedad de marcas de  como Philips, Halco, GE, y Maxlite. ¿Qué estás esperando? Únete al movimiento de los consumidores de LED y comience a ahorrar!

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Voting on the Empire State Building

8162616388_63c0c2dee4_zAs most of you know, if you read our blog entry, the Empire State Building is sporting brand new LED lights. In order to get its residents involved, New York City has instilled a voting system to help choose its seven official shades. “Our holiday tourists have returned home, so we wanted to do something special for New Yorkers who are able to view the Empire State Building’s lights all year long,” says Anthony E. Malkin, President of Malkin Holdings which supervises the Empire State Building. Each night, from sunset to 2 am, the ESB will light up in shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. You can vote through Facebook for your favorite shade of each color from now until January 20th.

La mayoría de ustedes ya saben que el Edificio Empire State tiene nueva luces de LED, si es que leyeron nuestro blog. Para involucrar a sus residentes, la Ciudad de Nueva York ha inculcado un sistema de votación para ayudar a elegir los siete colores oficiales de el edificio. “Nuestros turistas en vacaciones ya han regresado a casa, así que queríamos hacer algo especial para los neoyorquinos que pueden ver las luces del Edificio Empire State durante todo el año”, dijo Anthony E. Malkin, presidente de Malkin Inversiones que supervisa el edificio. Cada noche, desde el atardecer hasta las 2 am, el edificio se iluminará en tonos de rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, morado y rosa. Usted puede votar a través de Facebook por su tono favorito de cada color a partir de ahora hasta el 20 de enero.

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Sylvania Propoint LED Cobrahead

The LED Cobrahead luminaires are the new lights in town! Baltimore, Dallas and West Palm have thrown out their old HID lights and switched to LED street lights and basked in energy and maintenance savings. These lights have an average life 70,000 hours, almost 3 times longer, than their HID counterpart. They are designed to improve nighttime visibility and minimize glare.

Let’s say that there are 5 lights per side on a block, that means that each block has 20 lights. If they are on for 10 hours a day every day, at a rate of $0.11 p/kwH, you have an energy savings of about $360 per year! You will save around $15,000 on maintenance and replacement compared to the HID lights This light will eventually pay for itself all while you are helping the environment! Take a look at our collection of LED streetlights here.

Las luminarias LED Cobrahead son las nuevas luces de la ciudad! Baltimore, Dallas y West Palm han votado sus luces viejos HID a la basura, reemplazándolos por LED, resultando así en ahorro de energía y costos por mantenimiento. Estas luces tienen un promedio de vida de 70.000 horas, casi 3 veces más que sus contrapartes HID. Están diseñados para mejorar la visibilidad nocturna y minimizar el deslumbramiento.

Digamos que hay 5 luces por lado en un bloque, lo que significa que cada bloque tiene 20 luces. Si están prendidas 10 horas al día todos los días, a un precio de $ 0,11 p / kWh, usted tiene un ahorro energético de alrededor de $ 360 por año! Usted ahorrará alrededor de $ 15.000 en mantenimiento y reposición en HID. Esta luminaria al final pagará por sí misma y tambien están ayudando al ambiente! Mire nuestra colección de luces de calle LED aquí.

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