August 22nd is Angel Day…So Shine Like One!


Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google


August 22nd is Be An Angel Day. It was first celebrated in 1993, but the idea behind it is timeless: do something nice for someone else, and recognize the nice people in your life. And while good deeds will light up your life, angel lamps add a dash of cherubic sweetness to a dark corner.

You can find a dozen celestial variations on Angel Lamps at, for around $40 apiece plus shipping. For a little girl’s bedroom a Renaissance angel glows in bas-relief when lighted, $25 from or Or choose a resin pair of cherubs in a pink lamp with fringed shade, from for $25. EBay and Etsy, of course, have tons of retro angel lamps from a nicer era.

Now, if your tastes are less sweet, angels do come in all guises, including the very sleek Artemide Cosmic Angel Suspension light, created by super-minimalist designer Ross Lovegrove. Or flank your sofa with a pair of Angel Wing lamps in antique white or gold leaf by Regina Andrew Design, at around $700. Class will cost you, but it isn’t easy to make angels chic.

Sadly, the entire Angel’s Touch Collection of plastic “Tiffany-Style” lamps is anything but angelic. It was recalled in July 2013 due to shock and fire hazards. They were sold exclusively by Cracker Barrel, so it shouldn’t be hard to know if you have one.

Where angels really shine is on the road, with aftermarket Halo Headlights and Angel Eyes for your vehicle. Projector, LED, Euro, and Dual Halo Projector headlights increase nighttime visibility but mostly they make your vehicle look stunningly exotic. Halo Headlights start around $100 and blaze at more than $500, uninstalled. Car enthusiasts love to argue about the best ways to pimp their rides, so you’ll have to do some research on what will work with you. The simplest and cheapest way to go (and glow) is with LED angel Eye Headlight Accents, for around $10.

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Hurricane Season… Are you prepared?

hurricane supplies

hurricane supplies

Hurricane Season is here the Eastern Pacific season began May 15 while Central Pacific began June 1. The Atlantic hurricane season also began June 1 and just like the pacific ends in November 30.

During the season it’s always a good idea to begin your preparations early, because even though during a hurricane watch or warning you have time to track and prepare. We all wait till the last minute since we are not really sure if the hurricane, will actually hit our area or if it will make a last minute track change. And then we spend hours in line at the stores getting our last minute supplies. Only to figure out the store has run out of some of the supplies. So that is why preparing early is important it saves you time and money.

I have been living in Florida my whole life and, I understand first hand that we as consumers are weary of preparing early. I am one of those people who have waited for the last minute, because the times I have prepared early nothing happens thankfully. However I have also learned that when I don’t prepare things happen and then I have nothing. So this year I decided that I would prepare early and if, nothing happen which I would much rather, I could use these supplies year round.

The truth is that hurricane supplies don’t need to be purchased just for hurricanes. The supplies are very versatile and can be used in just about every situation. Like a couple of months ago a flashlight would have been handy when I lost power in my house. The power wasn’t caused by any kind of disaster just old hardware. I spent two nights with no power and of course no flashlight. Cause who needs one right?

So when deciding to purchase your supplies don’t think of it as just hurricane supplies think of them as just in case supplies.

  • Here is a small list of supplies.
  • Flashlights & extra bulbs
  • Battery operated radio
  • Battery operated lanterns
  • Batteries (different sizes)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain Gear
  • Plastic bags
  • Can openers
  • Water
  • Generator (if affordable)
  • Extra medicines
  • Gas
  • Cash

We have a wide selection of hurricane or just in case supplies, visit us at

ProLED Dimmable B11 Chandelier Lamps

Designed for accent, display and retail applications, our dimmable ProLED B11 chandelier lamps feature cream, chrome & brass housing options to match existing chandelier finishes. A true 25W replacement, the ProLED B11 lamps provide 13 times the life of traditional Incandescent sources. They produce high 82 CRI and 180 lumens with omnidirectional distribution. With a savings of 21W, these 3.5W lamps have a candelabra base in 2700K and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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ProLED Dimmable PAR Lamps

ProLED PAR Series dimmable lamps feature high power LED with superior optics and thermal construction for long life and energy efficient illumination. Within the series, several lamps feature a single light source for improved color uniformity and optical control. ProLED PAR30 lamps’ long life lasts up-to 14 times longer than traditional sources. The 13W ProLED PAR Series saves 62W, making them up-to 83% more efficient than their equivalent 75W Halogen lamp counterpart over the life of the ProLED lamp.

Energy savings based on $0.11 kWh over the life of the ProLED lamp.

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