How To Light Hotel Rooms… To Brighten Guest Satisfaction


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Hotels know the cost savings provided by replacing inefficient incandescent lighting with compact-fluorescent bulbs. But guest complaints are common because CFLs can have an unpleasant light quality. They also have a short lag before they reach full brightness, which guests dislike when walking into an unfamiliar space, including a hotel room. To keep guests happy requires a little extra care when choosing CFLs and CFL fixtures, but it can mean saving money with risking guest satisfaction.

Bathrooms and Entries: Always choose a CFL that warms up to full brightness in 30 seconds or less. Some CFL bulbs take longer than others to warm up, but there are newer brands that have instant-on technology. This is especially important for the entry light when a guest first flicks on the light when entering the hotel room, and in hotel bathrooms were light is a safety issue.

Size and Shape: Big, bulky spiral CFLs look cheap in an upscale hotel environment. Choose the smaller, compact size CFL bulbs for hotel room fixtures and lamps. If a bulb is readily visible, such as in a bedside lamp, there are CFL bulbs designed to resemble incandescent bulbs that give a much better impression. You can also get CFLs to fit and look good in chandeliers, ceiling fans, and wall-mounted swing lamps. There is no reason to make guests think “cheap!” every time they switch on a light, when we offer energy-saving bulbs for every possible need.

Dimmable and 3-Way Fixtures: Guests usually want and expect these fixtures in their hotel room. For maximum guest comfort, include a dimmable general purpose light, such as a ceiling light, and at least one 3-way table lamp near a reading chair or bedside. Only CFLs that are specifically designated as dimmable will work in a dimmable light fixture. Other CFLs will flicker and burn out if used with a dimmer switch. Likewise, 3-way CFLs are required for 3-way fixtures. Standard CFLs will not turn on until the third click of the lamp switch, which is an annoying guest experience and makes them think maintenance is not doing a good job of keeping the room fresh and in good working order.

Color Temperature: The color that CFLs emit can be unpleasant, even glaring. Choose bulbs in the 2700-3000K color temperature range, especially in bathrooms and near hotel room mirrors. The light color is similar to incandescent bulbs and will not make your guests look washed out and unhealthy when they look in the mirror as they brush their teeth.

Colored Lampshades: While not strictly part of your bulb choice, the lampshade has a big influence on light color. Trying using lampshades in pink-beige tones for a warmer, more flattering tone. Your guests won’t know why, but the illumination will be more pleasant and cast a more hospitable glow.

LEDs – LED bulbs come in the same sizes and shapes as incandescent bulbs, can last over 22 years if burned 3 hours a day, and offer a multi-directional light output with clean, bright 3,000K color. With no mercury and great energy savings of 77% compared to incandescent, LED bulbs are the perfect one-to-one replacement bulb for just about any hotel room fixture.

LED Strip lights are another way to add light and a design to a hotel guest room. By adding these strip lights to the top of a headboard you add extra lighting and ambience not to mention they are easy to hide.

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