Safety Tips For The Holidays

The holidays mean celebration, togetherness, and good cheer – but they also mean increased risk of crime and accidents. Here are some of our tips for ensuring you have a safe and happy holiday season:

Crime Prevention

If Santa can get down your chimney, thieves can be equally resourceful.

·Security lighting is the number one theft deterrent, so make sure your home has photo-sensitive lighting and that  entries and garages are well lit.

·Leave a television or radio on when you are not home so it seems the home is occupied.

·Do not throw the boxes for electronics such as home theater systems or computers on the trash because that is  a heads-up that you have something to steal. Instead break down the boxes and bring them to your local  recycling center or trash dump.

·Mark expensive gifts with a drivers license number or identification number and take photos of any fits that  cannot be marked with an engraving pen, such as jewelry. Do not use your Social Security Number.

·Leave lights on indoors and set them on timers so they turn on at night. Use CSA certified timers for exterior  lights.

·Do not leave displays of holiday gifts in view through the windows of your home.

·Criminals sometimes pose as deliverymen for gifts and as door-to-door solicitors for charitable causes. Always  ask for identification before allowing a stranger into your home. Do not make charitable donations at your door;  ask for the name of the charity and say you will make a donation on your own time. Then check with your local  Better Business Bureau to be sure the charity is not a scam. Only donate to recognizable charities because there  are online scams too.

·When shopping, always have your keys ready as your approach your car. It is preferable to go shopping with  someone else.

Fire Safety

·Check the wiring for holiday decorations to be sure they are not damaged or frayed.

·Always be sure to have a bulb in every outlet.

·Never connect more than one extension cord together.

·Keep electrical connectors off the ground and away from metal rain gutters.

·Use insulated tape or plastic connectors not nails to hang electrical decorations.

·Place your Christmas tree in water or wet sand to keep it green.

·Be sure artificial trees are rated as fire retardant.


·Never drive or allow others to drive when intoxicated, even a little. Only time will eliminate alcohol from the body,  not coffee or food.

·Eat before drinking, especially high protein food that will stay in your stomach longer and slow the absorption of  alcohol.

·Have non-alcoholic beverages available.

·Arrange to have a designated driver for your party who will take home inebriated guests.

Poisoning Control

·When having guests over, be sure to lock medicines away and put purses and coats in a separate room, away  from children, to keep them from “exploring” and accidentally ingesting medication.

·Take careful food precautions. Food may sit out on buffets longer than you expect, so avoid serving perishable  foods with mayonnaise sauces, fish, etcetera.










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Kitchen Lighting for the Holidays

Bright and warm kitchen light can set a great atmosphere

The lighting in your kitchen is as important as the holiday lights on your house.

The kitchen is an important place during the holidays. Family members gather together to cook favorite recipes that remind them of past celebrations and to enjoy their time with one another in the present. Grandmothers pass on time-honored recipes while new traditions are created. With moments this important on the horizon, you want to make sure you have the right lighting to see it all by.

Kitchen lighting can seem tricky. Bright lights are needed so that you can have clear sight while chopping food and cleaning spills, but light that is too harsh can ruin the friendly ambiance of a family kitchen. The modern kitchen needs a combination of bright, clean light that looks as friendly as it is on the consumer wallet.

It is for this reason that ADL Supply recommends lighting your kitchen with bulbs from Osram Sylvania’s Ultra LED family. With a variety of lamp styles retrofitted to existing socket specifications, these long-lasting and environmentally friendly bulbs will be a beautiful and practical update to your kitchen lighting setup.

One branch of the Ultra LED family with lots to offer is the BR30 and R20 lamps, which are meant to replace 30W R20 and 65W BR30 incandescent lamps. With a 2700K color temperature, these dimmable LED lights fill your kitchen with clean light that doesn’t feel clinical.

A stylish addition to the Ultra LED collection is the B12 Lamp, which is meant to replace 40W decorative incandescent lamps. With a tapered candle light shape and dimmable to 10%, this lamp is great for sconces, chandeliers, and setting a romantic atmosphere. The dimming feature isn’t hard on the pocketbook either.

Every kitchen has its own lighting needs, so if you have any questions about finding the right lamps for yours, be sure to call or send us an email. We’d be happy to answer your questions. If you would like to check out the LED lamps we have in stock, click here. For some quick kitchen lighting tips, be sure to check out this handy article from DIY Network. Happy holidays!




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Let there be lights!

The holiday season is quickly coming upon us. Oh the joys of hot chocolate by the fire and fun with snow! Unfortunately we, in South Florida, don’t get those joys. So what do we have to look forward to in order to feel that holiday spirit? The way the entire city changes from regular lighting into Christmas lighting! So because we care about you and want you to enjoy it with us, we have compiled some of the top places to visit in Florida to get into the Christmas spirit.

Santa's Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the world’s largest Christmas theme park and in our own backyard. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary! Located in Tropical Park off of Palmetto Expressway and Bird Road, it is home to South Florida’s tallest Christmas tree. You can enjoy hundreds of themed displays as well as carnival food and rides there. If you find yourself in South Florida anytime during the season, make sure you check them out.

Christmastown, A Busch Gardens Celebration

Christmastown, A Busch Gardens Celebration


If you are in the Tampa area, you can enjoy Christmastown, A Busch Garden Celebration. The popular Busch Gardens has premiered Christmastown this holiday season. The park will be transformed into a wonderland of wintery surprises. You will find holiday shopping, live entertainment and many, many Christmas lights to get you into the spirit. Guests will still be able to enjoy some of the roller coasters that the park is known for along with two new holiday attractions.

Universal Orlando Macy's Day Parade

Universal Orlando Macy’s Day Parade

What is the holiday season without the Macy’s Holiday day parade? Though we are far from New York, Universal Studios Florida, located in Orlando, wants to share that experience with you! As the night comes you can enjoy the tree lighting and light display! Mannheim Steamroller, the biggest Christmas selling artist, will also be there and will perform every weekend in December. You can enjoy all of the Universal attractions along with holiday shows.

Jacksonville Boat Parade

Jacksonville Boat Parade

What’s better than a parade on land? How about one on the water? The Jacksonville Landing will be home to a boat light parade in which thousands of boats will be decked out in their holiday gear as they float on by on the St. Johns River. The parade will end with a spectacular fireworks show. This will take place on November 24th and best of all, free admission!

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