Hurricane Season… Are you prepared?

hurricane supplies

hurricane supplies

Hurricane Season is here the Eastern Pacific season began May 15 while Central Pacific began June 1. The Atlantic hurricane season also began June 1 and just like the pacific ends in November 30.

During the season it’s always a good idea to begin your preparations early, because even though during a hurricane watch or warning you have time to track and prepare. We all wait till the last minute since we are not really sure if the hurricane, will actually hit our area or if it will make a last minute track change. And then we spend hours in line at the stores getting our last minute supplies. Only to figure out the store has run out of some of the supplies. So that is why preparing early is important it saves you time and money.

I have been living in Florida my whole life and, I understand first hand that we as consumers are weary of preparing early. I am one of those people who have waited for the last minute, because the times I have prepared early nothing happens thankfully. However I have also learned that when I don’t prepare things happen and then I have nothing. So this year I decided that I would prepare early and if, nothing happen which I would much rather, I could use these supplies year round.

The truth is that hurricane supplies don’t need to be purchased just for hurricanes. The supplies are very versatile and can be used in just about every situation. Like a couple of months ago a flashlight would have been handy when I lost power in my house. The power wasn’t caused by any kind of disaster just old hardware. I spent two nights with no power and of course no flashlight. Cause who needs one right?

So when deciding to purchase your supplies don’t think of it as just hurricane supplies think of them as just in case supplies.

  • Here is a small list of supplies.
  • Flashlights & extra bulbs
  • Battery operated radio
  • Battery operated lanterns
  • Batteries (different sizes)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain Gear
  • Plastic bags
  • Can openers
  • Water
  • Generator (if affordable)
  • Extra medicines
  • Gas
  • Cash

We have a wide selection of hurricane or just in case supplies, visit us at

A19 Incandescent Light Bulb Phase-Out

A19 Halogen Bulb

A19 Halogen Bulb


In 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act or Clean Energy Act was signed into effect.  In 2012 the phase out of A19 bulbs began with the 100w bulb. In the coming months more phase-out of bulbs will continue. Which means manufactures will no longer be able to produce A19 60W or 40W bulbs that don’t meet energy efficient standards. As the phase-out continues you might be inclined to stock up, on these bulbs before they run out as suppliers are allowed to sell out there stock.

However replacement bulbs for the A19 which meet energy standard are available to buy. The replacement A19 Halogen Light bulbs use 28% less power than their counterparts. These bulbs can be used anywhere a standard A19 bulb is used. Because the bulb is a true A19 replacement, it has the same look and feel of incandescent, and also saves you energy. So rather than stocking up, just replace the bulbs and save money.

For more information or to buy the A19 replacement bulb visit our website… we carry a wide variety of bulbs.

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Keep Cool this Summer…Energy Saving Tips

During the summer months keeping your home cool is essential. As the mercury rises on the outside your cooling sources pull more energy inside to keep your home comfortable. This is because your AC is working double to cool your home. However there are ways to save on your bill with some simple energy saving cooling tips.

  • Clean your air filters regularly, to avoid clogging and freezing your coils
  • Get a programmable thermostat, which can be programmed to start the AC before you get home.
  • Keep the sun out, use blinds or window coverings during the day when the sun is more intense.
  • Avoid using to many heat producing appliances at the same time, try to space it out. Use your washer, dryer and dishwashers at night or early morning. Our stoves are our biggest heat producers so if you can, use your microwave instead as it uses 2/3 less energy for heating.
  • Turn off appliances like computers, video game consoles and cable boxes, when left running they can run up your electric bill.
  • Change your light bulbs, Incandescent light bulbs are heat generators so, switching to energy efficient will help cut down some cost.
  • Use fans they generally pull less energy, change the direction of your ceiling fans counterclockwise for better airflow & cooling.


Keep cool this summer and save some energy….



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Start Enjoying the Outdoors

Photo Courtesy of Vaughan landscaping

Photo Courtesy of Vaughan landscaping

During the spring and summer months we spend a lot of time outdoors. Warmer temperatures, longer days, gardens blooming and time spent with family is priceless. During these months BBQ’s, sunset cocktails and pool parties are best enjoyed in our backyards. Which means if you are like me you want a backyard that is inviting a tropical oasis full of plants, flowers and amazing lighting. You want a backyard that is appealing, serene and one you can enjoy even after the sun goes down.

A beautiful landscape can be created by maintaining a great lawn, patio furniture, and beautiful flowers. At night lights set the mood for parties, romantic dinners and even a wedding in your own backyard. Lights can provide a sense of mystery to your backyard and illuminate the best features of your yard like a pool area or gazebo.

Backyard Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo

No matter how you entertain in your backyard, take the time to create your own tropical oasis and start enjoy the outdoors.


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Lantern Festival Marks the Finale of Chinese New Year


Courtesy: Wikipedia

While the world rings in the new year on January 1, the traditional Chinese New Year takes place over a month after the induction of the new year on the globally employed Roman calendar. The Chinese New Year culminates in the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of celebrations, where families enjoy reunions, traditional foods and dancing, as well as releasing lanterns into the night sky. Despite its name, the festival isn’t exclusive to China; festivals that mark the beginning of the lunisolar new year can be found all over Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, as well as countries as far away as the United States.

The Lantern Festival is a time to enjoy lights, new beginnings, and the company of others. Indeed, in the celebration’s early days, young people were sent to the Lantern Festival to find love, perhaps with the help of a matchmaker. While the festival does not carry the implication anymore, it would be difficult to say that so many beautiful lanterns and the party atmosphere does nothing for one’s romantic side.

Perhaps the most famous part of the festival, releasing lanterns has an important meaning: to let a lantern go is to release one’s old self and welcome a new attitude for a new year. It is an optimistic act that adds to the bright feeling of the night.

But perhaps you can’t hop on a jet to China in time for this year’s February 15th celebration, paperlanternstore.combut you’d love to celebrate at home. Before you start finding fireworks and planning the menu, find the some lanterns to make the night just right. Check out these minimal yet beautiful LED paper lanterns from The paper diffuses the clear bright light of the LED bulbs, making the paper appear to glow. Stringing some of these paper lanterns around a backyard or a dimmed room will certainly add that magical feeling to your Chinese New Year celebration!


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Post Blizzard: Unfreezing Your Pipe Lines

nemo_2_20130209102709_320_240 The Northeast region of the United States faced a blizzard that left up to 3 feet of snow in some areas and others without power. This may have caused some pipes to freeze, but we’re here to tell you how you can unfreeze them.

  1. Hairdryer: The safest and most common way. Turn the faucet on and then move the hairdryer up and down the pipe.
  2. Space Heater: It may take a while but it will get the job done. It works best in enclosed spaces. Please do not leave the house with the heater on.
  3. Electric Pipe Heat Tape: Wrap it around the pipe and plug it in. It’s as simple as that.

Make sure you turn the main valve off to prevent the pipes from bursting and creating more damage. We hope you and your family stayed safe and kept warm during the blizzard.

La región noreste de los Estados Unidos se enfrentó a una tormenta de nieve que dejó hasta 3 pies de nieve en algunas zonas y a otras sin electricidad. Esto puede haber dejado algunas tuberías congeladas, pero estamos aquí para decirles cómo pueden descongelarlas.

  1. Secadora de pelo: La manera más segura y más común. Abra la llave y pase la secadora por toda la tubería.
  2. Calentador de Espacios: Puede tardarse, pero va a hacer el trabajo. Funciona mejor en espacios cerrados. Por favor, no deje el calentador prendido cuando salga de casa.
  3. Cinta eléctrica de calor del tubo: Envuelva la cinta alrededor de la tubería y conéctelo. Muy simple.

Asegúrese de apagar la válvula principal para evitar que las tuberías estallen y creando más daño. Esperamos que usted y su familia tomaron precauciones y se mantuvieron caliente durante la tormenta de nieve.


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Why LEDs Are Better

HALCO__37117.1334854362.750.750What’s all the LED hype about? We’ll tell you here. LED (light emitting diodes) have been around for a while but are finally becoming mainstream as incandescent bulbs are phasing out thanks to government regulation. Here is why LEDs are better in the long run.






  1. They pay for themselves: With the amount of savings you will get from using less energy, you will have paid off the initial cost of the bulb.
  2. They last longer: They have been said to last up to 60 times longer than incandescent & 10 times longer than CFLs.
  3. They save energy: LEDs can produce light without producing heat, therefore saving you energy costs.
  4. They are safer: Since they do not produce heat they are less likely to cause fires than halogen bulbs.
  5. They help the environment: 25% of energy goes into lighting, if we can reduce the amount of energy used for it we can create a better future for upcoming generations.


De qué se trata el nuevo fenómeno de LED? Les diremos aquí. Las luces LED ya han estado en el mercado por unos años, pero recientemente se están convirtiendo en los bombillos principales gracias a la nueva regulación gubernamental que está eliminando los bombillos incandescentes. Leía aquí para ver por qué los LED son mejores en el largo plazo.

  1. Se pagan por sí solas: Con la cantidad de ahorros que obtendrá de usar menos energía, habrá recuperado el costo inicial del bombillo.
  2. Duran más: Duran hasta 60 veces más que las incandescentes y 10 veces más que las lámparas fluorescentes compactas.
  3. Ahorran energía: LED puede producir luz sin producir calor, por lo que le ahorra costos de energía.
  4. Son más seguros: Ya que no producen calor, tienen menos probabilidades de provocar incendios que los bombillos halógenos.
  5. Ayudan al medio ambiente: El 25% de la energía es de iluminación, si podemos reducir la cantidad de energía que se utiliza para eso podemos crear un futuro mejor para las generaciones futuras.
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Super Bowl Blackout: Questions and Advice

As most Americans on Sunday, I sat there watching the game as the 49ers are getting destroyed by the Ravens. All I could think about as Jacoby Jones returned the opening kickoff in the second half for 108 yds, the longest record in Super Bowl history, was how it was the most uneventful game I’ve ever seen. Then the lights go out. 34 minutes later they come back and so does San Francisco. It seemed the half an hour forced time out did the 49ers well, turning a blowout into what a real Super Bowl is supposed to look like. It wasn’t enough to beat Baltimore, but definitely a better game than anticipated in the first half.

So the questions arise, what happened?
Many blame Beyonce’s “electrifying” halftime performance, others blame a New Orleans curse, and some even thought it was a terrorist attack, which was quickly denied by the FBI. The cause of the blackout has yet to be completely confirmed, but it seems there was an abnormality in the system causing the power to  go out. In order for the lights to come back on they had to cool, then slowly warm back up, causing the half an hour delay of game.

This could happen to you too! Not necessarily in the same context, but some CFLs that you may have at home take time to warm up and turn back on. In order to avoid that, you might want to look into getting some LEDs. Due to the fact that they do not produce heat, they do not need to cool down in order to come back on, it’s instant lighting. LEDs are progressing with technology, and with the demand getting higher, are also dropping in price. ADL Supply has a wide selection of LEDs at a low price so you can get started on the replacement of your CFLs.

Oh, & Congratulations Ravens!












Como la mayoría de los americanos, me senté a ver como los 49ers estaban siendo destrozados por los Ravens. Lo único que pude pensar cuando Jacob Jones devolvió la patada inicial en la segunda mitad por 108 yardas, el récord más alto en la historia del Súper Bowl, era que este fue el juego más aburrido que he visto. Luego se apagaron las luces. 34 minutos más tarde volvió la energía al estadio y a San Francisco. Pareciese que la media hora de descanso obligatorio le sentó bien a los 49ers, convirtiéndose en algo más parecido a un juego verdadero de Súper Bowl. No fue suficiente para derrotar a Baltimore, pero definitivamente fue un mejor juego de lo que se anticipaba en la primera mitad.

Entonces la pregunta es: Qué pasó?
Muchos culparon a la “electrizante” actuación de Beyonce, otros a la maldición de New Orleans, y algunos hasta pensaron que era un ataque terrorista, lo cual fue rápidamente negado por el FBI. La causa del apagón todavía no está completamente confirmada, pero aparentemente hubo una anomalía en el sistema causando que se corte la electricidad. Para que las luces se encendieran nuevamente, debían enfriarse, y luego lentamente calentarse para que puedan encenderse, esto causo la media hora de interrupción en el juego.

Esto podría haberte pasado a ti! No necesariamente en el mismo contexto, pero algunos CFLs que puedes tener en tu casa toman tiempo en calentarse y luego encenderse. Para evitar esto, debería considerar cambiarse a LEDs. Como no producen calor, no necesitan enfriarse para volver a encenderse, es luz al instante. Los LEDs están progresando con la tecnología, y con la creciente demanda del público, los precios están bajando. ADL Supply tiene una amplia selección de LEDs a precios bajos para que pueda comenzar a reemplazar sus CFLs.

Ah, Y Felicitaciones a los Ravens!

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Product Highlight: Corrosion Grenade









There are many perks to living near the coast: ocean winds, access to the beach, and a variety of water sports. What’s not a perk is corrosion that occurs when moisture attacks the aluminum fins on air conditioning units, causing them to become inefficient and costly to repair and replace.   This kind of corrosion is known as electrolysis or Galvanic Corrosion, where the weakest metal is damaged by a combination of electricity and the salt air. Since aluminum is the weakest metal in  most air conditioning systems, it is the first to be attacked by corrosion. It seems like an impossible problem to deal with if you live on the coast, but ADL Supply carries a product that can help you avoid such corrosion and keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape for years to come: the Corrosion Grenade.

The Corrosion Grenade is made of 100% zinc and acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the other metals in the air conditioning system. What this means is that because zinc is the weakest metal in the air conditioning unit (which are mostly composed of aluminum, copper, and steel), it will bear the corrosion that the air conditioning unit would accumulate in its aluminum parts. With its simple screw-on application, the Corrosion Grenade will provide consumers and contractors alike with an easy solution to their corrosion problems.


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