A19 Incandescent Light Bulb Phase-Out

A19 Halogen Bulb

A19 Halogen Bulb


In 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act or Clean Energy Act was signed into effect.  In 2012 the phase out of A19 bulbs began with the 100w bulb. In the coming months more phase-out of bulbs will continue. Which means manufactures will no longer be able to produce A19 60W or 40W bulbs that don’t meet energy efficient standards. As the phase-out continues you might be inclined to stock up, on these bulbs before they run out as suppliers are allowed to sell out there stock.

However replacement bulbs for the A19 which meet energy standard are available to buy. The replacement A19 Halogen Light bulbs use 28% less power than their counterparts. These bulbs can be used anywhere a standard A19 bulb is used. Because the bulb is a true A19 replacement, it has the same look and feel of incandescent, and also saves you energy. So rather than stocking up, just replace the bulbs and save money.

For more information or to buy the A19 replacement bulb visit our website… we carry a wide variety of bulbs.

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