Keep Cool this Summer…Energy Saving Tips

During the summer months keeping your home cool is essential. As the mercury rises on the outside your cooling sources pull more energy inside to keep your home comfortable. This is because your AC is working double to cool your home. However there are ways to save on your bill with some simple energy saving cooling tips.

  • Clean your air filters regularly, to avoid clogging and freezing your coils
  • Get a programmable thermostat, which can be programmed to start the AC before you get home.
  • Keep the sun out, use blinds or window coverings during the day when the sun is more intense.
  • Avoid using to many heat producing appliances at the same time, try to space it out. Use your washer, dryer and dishwashers at night or early morning. Our stoves are our biggest heat producers so if you can, use your microwave instead as it uses 2/3 less energy for heating.
  • Turn off appliances like computers, video game consoles and cable boxes, when left running they can run up your electric bill.
  • Change your light bulbs, Incandescent light bulbs are heat generators so, switching to energy efficient will help cut down some cost.
  • Use fans they generally pull less energy, change the direction of your ceiling fans counterclockwise for better airflow & cooling.


Keep cool this summer and save some energy….



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Start Enjoying the Outdoors

Photo Courtesy of Vaughan landscaping

Photo Courtesy of Vaughan landscaping

During the spring and summer months we spend a lot of time outdoors. Warmer temperatures, longer days, gardens blooming and time spent with family is priceless. During these months BBQ’s, sunset cocktails and pool parties are best enjoyed in our backyards. Which means if you are like me you want a backyard that is inviting a tropical oasis full of plants, flowers and amazing lighting. You want a backyard that is appealing, serene and one you can enjoy even after the sun goes down.

A beautiful landscape can be created by maintaining a great lawn, patio furniture, and beautiful flowers. At night lights set the mood for parties, romantic dinners and even a wedding in your own backyard. Lights can provide a sense of mystery to your backyard and illuminate the best features of your yard like a pool area or gazebo.

Backyard Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo

No matter how you entertain in your backyard, take the time to create your own tropical oasis and start enjoy the outdoors.


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