Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide Lamps

Halco’s ProLume Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide (CDM)lamps offer an array of benefits including excellent color rendering, energy efficiency and long life. With less color shift and improved lamp-to-lamp color consistency over traditional metal halide lamps, CDM lamps are ideal for creating accurate, crisp, white light on the items they illuminate. High lumen maintenance and efficacy of up-to 93 lumens per watt allow these lamps to provide optimum light output, producing vibrant and precise colors that enhance product displays to their fullest. A winning combination of color, high lumen maintenance and exceptional performance extend our Ceramic Discharge Metal Halides applicability to a myriad of lighting needs.

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ProLED Dimmable B11 Chandelier Lamps

Designed for accent, display and retail applications, our dimmable ProLED B11 chandelier lamps feature cream, chrome & brass housing options to match existing chandelier finishes. A true 25W replacement, the ProLED B11 lamps provide 13 times the life of traditional Incandescent sources. They produce high 82 CRI and 180 lumens with omnidirectional distribution. With a savings of 21W, these 3.5W lamps have a candelabra base in 2700K and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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ProLED Dimmable PAR Lamps

ProLED PAR Series dimmable lamps feature high power LED with superior optics and thermal construction for long life and energy efficient illumination. Within the series, several lamps feature a single light source for improved color uniformity and optical control. ProLED PAR30 lamps’ long life lasts up-to 14 times longer than traditional sources. The 13W ProLED PAR Series saves 62W, making them up-to 83% more efficient than their equivalent 75W Halogen lamp counterpart over the life of the ProLED lamp.

Energy savings based on $0.11 kWh over the life of the ProLED lamp.

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